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Labor Market Demographic Studies and profiles

Labor Market Demographic studies and profiles

Labor Econ does customized studies of labor market demographics at the national, state, and local levels. These studies will include general demographic information such as population composition by income, age, education, race, gender, family and household structure, and employment status. These studies will also include information on industrial and occupational composition, and the significance of industrial and occupational change over time. At a minimum, these studies will provide simple descriptive information. At a more sophisticated level, these studies can explain what factors are more likely to account for change in either occupational and industrial composition or rising inequality. Labor Econ will design the study according to each client’s needs.  

Studies of Income and Wage Inequality

Studies of Income and Wage Inequality

Labor Econ can do customized studies of income and wage inequality of the nation, the states, and localities, and other regional configurations based on publicly available census data and/or whatever other data clients have access to and can make available.  These studies will show trends over periods of time, as well as factors than can explain increases in inequality. Labor Econ can, according to the needs of clients, do comparative analyses whereby inequality in one community can be analyzed relative to others. Labor Econ can also explain what labor market factors may be responsible for some communities having relatively high levels of inequality while others have relatively low levels of inequality.


Such inequalities in the past were conducted for the Community Services Society of New York and Public/Private Ventures.

Wage Policy Analysis

Wage Policy Analysis

Labor Econ can conduct expert studies on the minimum wage and its impact on other wages throughout the wage distribution. Labor Econ has developed an approach to the study of the minimum wage and other such policies intended to boost wages known as wage contours. Whereas conventional competitive market theory holds wage floors to be detrimental to the economy because of adverse employment consequences, Labor Econ will demonstrate that there are positive welfare effects for the middle class. For those who are concerned about developing economic policy beneficial to the middle class, this is a service that they should look to.

US government building

Public Policy, Economics, and Government Content writing Policy Analysis

Labor Econ can write policy papers, reports, case studies, and other materials intended to be used to influence and educate particular constituencies, or which can be used in the classroom for instructional purposes. Labor Econ can also develop courses for online instruction.  Examples of content include a textbook on American Government for Bridgepoint Education Company, an interactive policy textbook for Top Hat, and a reference handbook on the minimum wage for ABC-CLIO. 

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